Abhinandan Rally: PM Modi recalls the success of Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir


Narendra Modi

Sounding the bugle for the upcoming Assembly elections in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the party campaign at Ram Lila Maidan today. Abhinandan Rally saw over one lakh people attending and this is bound to boost the party’s hopes as the party believes that the archrival, in these elections, AAP, has not lost a lot of ground.

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Jugal Kishore Sharma and Dr. Jitendra Singh represented Jammu and Kashmir where the BJP has recently made history in the outgoing elections.

Here is what PM Modi had to say in the rally:

  • I congratulate the people of Jammu and Kashmir for coming out and voting in large numbers
  • The mood of the nation is what the mood of Delhi is currently.

Felicitating ex-BJP president, Venkaiah Naidu, The prime minister said, “Venkaiah Naidu knows Andhra Pradesh well and he understands Delhi as well as AP.”

  • Congress was in power in Delhi and Haryana but the people never benefitted from their governance.

Calling to mind the success of the JAN DHAN YOJNA the PM said,

  • Have any of you ever seen a poor person in a bank? Do you think a poor person can even open a bank account?
  • Only the rich had access to banks earlier. Banks turned into centres of corruption when they were nationalized.
  • Around 11 crore bank accounts have been opened for the poor by today’s date, 10 January.
  • There was a provision for the poor to open bank accounts with zero balance. Despite that the large hearted poor people put in some savings into their new accounts.
  • The poor have deposited 8500 Crores in bank accounts till now.

Addressing the issue of electricity in New Delhi, the PM remarked,

  • We will give you freedom from generators, and will provide you 24 hours electricity.
  • We will allow you to choose your electricity provider, if voted to power.

Clarifying on the issue of reduction of retirement age to 58 the PM said,

  • There’s a lie that if voted to power, the BJP will reduce retirement age to 58. Who is spreading such lies? This is not the truth.

Finally taking a dig at Arvind Kejriwal’s I am an anarchist stance, the PM mused,

  • Can a politician ever say things like “I’m an anarchist, we believe in anarchy? If you want to be an anarchist go to the jungles and join the Naxalists!”   BJP,BJP,BJP,BJP,BJP,BJP,BJP