Abhinav Theatre: And the ‘phase of neglect’ continues


“Cleanliness is next to godliness” – The quotation very well signifies the importance of cleanliness, where there is cleanliness god resides.

Indian traditional theaters and concerts halls are considered as shrines for the artists, where artists ignite their passion and bare their souls. For some it’s a hobby while for others it’s an escape from the real world.

When it comes to reminiscing macabre of art and culture in our city, one of the many names that comes to our mind is that of Abhinav theater. Over the years Abhinav theater has given Jammu countless artists and is a witness to display of innumerable world-renowned plays in myriad local languages. It particularly envisages the ethnicity and pride of cultural heritage. In this time of modernisation and internet where youth is totally living in the virtual reality it is keeping that history and spirit alive.

Recently, government spent RS.527.28 cr on Abhinav theatre for its upgradation and modernization. it has been only two months after it was reopened to public and handed over to the artists, writers, actors in the state.

Within, two months of its re-opening the condition of the theater is already in ruins. One can easily see piles of garbage, crushed water bottles and disposable glasses all over the premises, even when dustbins have been installed all over the arena.

Such misconduct and negligence on part of those maintaining the theatre is heartbreaking!

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