About Us

U4UVoice.com is a part of SRG Group, a Jammu and Kashmir based enterprise. An online media, U4UVoice works on and creates Jammu and Kashmir specific stories and reports. The website initially started with the concept of Citizen Journalism in the State and promoted participation of youth. Express yourself, our motto, derives its strength from the principle – of the people, by the people, for the people.

Delay in news circulation for citizens of the underdeveloped state of J&K has been the biggest limitation in growth of what can be J&K’s intelligentsia and U4UVoice is trying to break that barrier.

Jammu and Kashmir, for instance, needs to be on the map of the world and U4UVoice is sharply focusing on just that. Anything and everything from Jammu and Kashmir that matters is available across our platforms. U4UVoice is paving the way to meet the Aspiration, Expectation and Ambition of Jammu and Kashmir’s citizens.

With changing times, U4UVoice has evolved as a medium highlighting variety of topics ranging from Politics to Economy, Government Policies to Investments and Sports to the Culture affecting the State. U4UVoice’s stories and reports have a tinge of spice, whole lot of entertainment and are always in sync with what is trending.

If you face any problem in writing a story, or developing an idea you can also contact us at info@u4uvoice.com, and get any help you want in this regard.