Absence of Hurriyat, separatists, local leaders in relief effort rankles Kashmiris


Sayeed Ali Shah Geelani, and Yasin MalikWhile Jammu and Kashmir is facing a disaster of unthinkable proportions the people in the state particularly the Valley are questioning the absence of the separatist groups particularly the Hurriyat which has been on the forefront in sabre-rattling against the army, and Indian government. The locals who used to have strong faith in separatist leaders are shocked by the absence of Sayeed Ali Shah Geelani, and Yasin Malik who have gone incommunicado during the last 10 days. Srinagar residents said that the separatist leaders have played no role in helping or comforting the the people of valley who have been in dire straits during the last one week as as flood water from Jehlum inundated Srinagar. Sources meanwhile say that separatist groups have no experience of voluntary service, and are known more for rabble rousing. With no capabilities to carry out relief work, and more than that locals allege that separatists are selfish, and self serving with their sole intent to push their political agenda alone. It is also being alleged that a number of separatist leaders had moved out of Delhi when the situation was turning grim, and it is this reason that they are invisible in the valley. A local student alleges that while Hurriyat is ready to announce bandhs and strikes on the flip of a coin, it has not carried out a single relief effort in the entire valley.

A local resident refusing to be named said that it goes to the credit of India army and government that they have not differentiated in carrying out rescue and relief efforts despite the fact that they have been targeted by the local residents. He wants to know where are the terrorists, and the self-styled saviours of Kashmir in this hour of tragedy when people need help from all quarters. They also want to know if the separatists will realize their shortcomings and accept the reality that independence, and joining Pakistan does not have any relevance. The way government of India has helped, particularly the Prime Minister has opened floodgates of relief for Kashmir valley, sources say will leave a deep impact on the psyche of the people, and also help in ending the alienation of people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an aerial inspection of flood hit Jammu and Kashmir on September 07, 2014. (Photo: IANS/PIB)Also a look across the border will also reveal how people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are suffering there as neither the Pakistan Army nor government have taken much interest in starting the relief effort. In fact it was PM Modi who had offered to help the people across the border in Pakistan Occupied Kasmir as well. Sources reveal that hundreds of people have been killed in PoK in the absence of worthwhile efforts whereas on the Indian side the entire might of the Indian army, and the state is working to mitigate the sufferings of a huge population. The army officials say that this disaster is enormous, and it will take couple of few weeks to normalize the situation. While the army is doing it’s work, it is the absence of separatists, and local leaders who espoused separatism is rankling the hearts and minds of Kashmiris.

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