Academy brings out anthology on Children’s literature in Kashmiri

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SRINAGAR: Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture & Languages has brought out a two-volume anthology on children’s literature in Kashmiri. Titled ‘Kaeshri Shuir Adabetch Sombran [Collection of Children’s Literature in Kashmiri]’, the book devotes a volume each to prose and verse and is the first comprehensive publication on the subject in Kashmiri language. Noted writer and scholar, Ghulam Nabi Aatash has compiled the anthology. The compiler has put in hard labour in identifying the relevant material and writing a comprehensive introduction to both volumes.
The publication is a major step towards promoting children’s literature in a language spoken by a vast majority of the population of Jammu & Kashmir. It comprises about 650 pages in two parts and contains various aspects of children’s literature penned by noted poets and writers.
Secretary Academy, Khalid Bashir Ahmad, described the publication as of significant import in view of the fact that children’s literature in Kashmiri is more or less a maiden field. Writers have not paid much attention towards this genre of literature resulting in the dearth of material on the subject.
The Academy is working on a comprehensive publication programme in various languages spoken in the State. The latest arrivals in Kashmiri include Masnavi Gulbadan written about a century ago by Abdur Rahim Aama, Masnavi Mehr-o-Mah by Akram Baqal Daedlad and an important publication on Kashmiri Marsiya [elegy] titled Kaeshri Marsiyuk Safar – Shahmiri Duare Pethe Pathan Duaras Taam [The Journey of Kashmiri Elegy – From Shahmiri Period to Pathan Period] written by Maqbool Sajid.
Other titles include devotional poetry by Maulana Ahmad Ullah Banihali titled Gurfay e Deedar e Nabi (SAW) in Persian, about 800-page special number of Dogri Sheeraza on the life and achievements of the doyen of Dogri literature, special number in Urdu titled Ham Asar Afsana Number [Contemporary Short Story Number], Prof Ram Nath Shastri, pioneering research work on Iqbal by Dr Akbar Hyderi titled Iqbal- Ahbaab-o-Aasaar Vol I (the book is being published in three volumes), Karim Ullah Qureshi Number on Gojri Sufi poetry, Poonch Number and Aulia Number in Gojri, Uri Number in Pahari and Pahari translation of Kitab ul Hind by Alberuni and famous Urdu novel Shikast by Krishan Chander, .
Apart from the special publications regular issues of the Academy’s publication in different languages have also been received. The books are available at the Academy’s Kitab Ghar at Maulana Azad Road.