Access your WhatsApp from your desktop!


WhatsApp rolled out the web version that will turn your Google Chrome browser into a WhatsApp window.


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It’s basically a Web window and not a separate client. This means that it simply mirrors the WhatsApp on your phone and for that, you need to be connected to the internet in order to use it. Update your WhatsApp, you’ll find the WhatsApp Web in your respective menus. Now go to WhatsApp web page and scan the QR code from your phones and Voilà! you can type in your messages from the browser itself.

This may be because WhatsApp uses your phone number and SMS verifications rather
than usernames/passwords. This feature is only available on Android, Windows Phone, and
BlackBerry, but not on iOS.
But the only catch here is you gotta have your phone in the network all the time, so if your
battery goes down, the web browser will also stop working. 
We updated the phone with the recent update and it seems to work fine and flawlessly. Although
the new option does not appear on Samsung phones (we tried on Samsung Note 2) even after updating it.
Let us know if yours do.