Ace NEET with Expert Tips by Medical and Coaching Professionals

NEET 2018 with zero difficulty.

Plan Ahead and Stick to It

The best practice is to make a study plan and following it meticulously. It is suggested to have chapter-wise subject allocation along with extra time kept aside for studying special subjects such as the formula of physics and chemical equations in chemistry. One must have separate time for mock tests as well. The study plan should be sufficiently flexible. In case you miss one session for any occasion, you should be able to cover the same without disturbing the whole plan.

 Follow Good Study Material

Various study material are available in the market. Be sure to choose the right one. The quality of books can cause a lot of difference in the end result. The NCERT is the most recommended book as it covers all subjects. Books such as Concept of Physics by H. C. Verma, ABC of Biology by Dr. B.B. Arora & A.K. Sabharwal, Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon, Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd are one some of the most recommended books.

Some of the most intelligent students of the country compete in NEET. Hard work and dedication will reap you the results you deserve. Follow the study plan, cover the entire syllabus, practice through mock tests and stay motivated.

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