Actor caught his girlfriend red handed while she was cheating on him with her Ex


A lot goes behind what appears on screen in the tinsel town. While we all love to watch our favourite celebs on the idiot box, the juicy gossip that comes to the forrfront in the form of blind items reveals what goes on behind the closed curtains in the showbiz. We recently came across one such blind about an actress who was caught red handed, cheating on her boyfriend with her ex flame.

A SpotboyE article talks aboout an extremely popular Television couple who are known for their constant PDA and romance on social media. While looking at their pictures one would quickly jump to the conclusion that they’re oh-so-much-in-love with each other, apparently, their relationship has begun developing cracks already.

What’s the reason you ask? Well, turns out that the lady happened to realise that she’s still not over her ex boyfriend. She just couldn’t get her hunky ex off her mind. Not just that, messages started being exchanged between the two. Reportedly, the blush on the actress’s cheeks cannot be missed while she talks to her ex over the messages.

Now, all was well, until the current boyfriend of the actress got a clue about the messed up state of affairs and he confronted her. Apparently, he ended up giving his lady love a last warning, asking her to make ammends to her ways or decide once and for all – whether she wants to be with him or her ex!

Looks like somebody has a pretty tough choice to make.

Can you guess who’re the actors involved?

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