Adbi Kunj celebrates Hindi Day in Jammu


Kunj (1)

On the eve of Hindi Day celebration, the oldest front ranking multilingual literary oraganisation ADBI KUNJ J&K, JAMMU held a special multifaceted literary meet at its literary centre in the premises of Zee-Pre-Kidzee School (Shastri Memorial Higher Secondary School Talab Tillo, Jammu), which was presided over by a veterian poet of the subcontinent S. Pritpal Singh betab, while another well known multilingual poet, writer from Benaras Dr. S.M.Taiyab Bhatri was the chief guest of the meet whereas literary Secretary Ashok Kumar Muntiq conducted the proceeding of the meet.

The meet was attended by a large number of Hindi and other languages, poets, writers and other having deep interest in literary activities. In the beginning of the meet various speakers expressed their views on the importance and need of Hindi language. Sham Talib president and Arash Om Dalmotra Chairman threw detailed light on the various aspects of Adbi Kunj in relation to promote the Hindi language. On the occasions.

Pritpal Singh Betab remembered that during a sammelan in INDORE (M.P) in March 29, 1918, father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi had declared that Hindi will be the national language of free India. In the view of the devastating flood in the State which have caused great loss to life, property in the state, organization expressed its anguish and deep concern again for those who have suffered in the State.


In the literary session (PROSE) the presentationsincluded (1) URDU-HINDI-BHAMI ISHTARAK (Urdu) by Sham Talib (2) GARKAB-E-ZINDGI (Urdu) by Arash Om Dalmotra (3) HINDI DIWAS VICHAR DHARA (Hindi) by Ashok Kumar Muntiq (4) TAWI-KI-PEEDA (Hindi) by M.S. Kamra (5) KAAM-KA-SAMAAN (Hindi) by K.L.Dewana.

In the composite poetic round up poets were specially recited their verses on Hindi Diwas and flood victims with their other Kalam. They included Pritpal Singh Betab Taiyab Bharti, Aarash Om Dalmotra, Ashok Muntiq, Ved Uppal, K.L.Dewana, Sanjeev Kumar, M.S.Kamra, S.K.Gupta, Chand Krishan, Rajeev Kumar, Romesh Rahi, Raj Kumar Uttam, Raj Kamal, Com. Jaswant Singh, Neelam Verma, Dr. R.K.Sehgal and Sham Talib.The meet ended with vote of thanks by Ved Uppal organisor of Adbi Kunj, Jammu.