Aditya Kumar: The man who devoted lifetime for the underprivileged


His means are frugal and all he had was a bicycle and a rented room in city but this never stopped him from doing what he wanted to do. Since 1995, this man named Adiyta Kumar is giving imparting education to poor children living in the slum areas of Lucknow since 1995. It is because of him, around 6000 underprivileged kids of Lucknow are now studying in different schools. He takes a lot of pride in saying that some of his students are now highly placed in Private and Government departments .

Cycle Guru Ji

The Story:

Aditya Kumar (now 44) was born in a village named Farrukhabad in Lucknow. His father was labourer and had a big family to support. Up until 13 years, he did not got admission in any school. His family wanted him to work but Kumar who wanted to study. He fought with his family and ran away from the home.

They say ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. For a while, he lived on the streets, before meeting a teacher who spotted his potential and helped him graduate from university in science.

After graduation, Aditya decided to spread literacy in slums. He visited slums, collected children not enrolled in schools and taught them basic English Hindi and Mathematics. He did not get married or even try to get a job and decided to devote his whole life for the poor children imparting education. Aditya Kumar does not have proper house and still lives in a Jhuggi in village. The little requirements he has are taken care of by his friends. Spreading education is the mission of his life.

The Journey:

It all started 20 years ago, when Aditya completed his graduation, he took up educating the poor as the mission of his life and started mobile classes village to village. All he had ws a bicycle. Aditya Kumar used to peddle for around 40 miles with books and his few possessions on the back of his battered old bike to bring education to India’s slum children. For 20 years, he carried mobile classes village to village and as of today he has taught over 5000 students scattered in slum areas. He takes no money for his lessons, which he gives all over the city, parking his bike up wherever he is needed and staging an impromptu outdoor lesson. He teaches them functional English and mathematics with the aim of getting these poor students to a standard where they can start going to a regular school.

After Aditya got a good response, he decided to expand his tutorials and started giving home tuitions but the money he earned from that, he spent on the books and stationery for the underprivileged kids. Aditya also started his Spoken English classes for the students who were educated but were not able to get a job because of the weak communication in English.

“My aim is to provide maximum education to poor children who cannot afford to go to school and pay fees. I want to reach in every neighborhood of slums to curb ILLITERACY from INDIA”, Aditya said.

The Achievements:

Aditya Kumar was honoured by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS in 2014 for his benevolent Service to free education. He has also been awarded ‘NISHAN-E-IMAM HUSSAIN’ AWARD” by Honourable Sh.Ram Naik U.P. Governer. Apart, Aditya’s name has also been recorded in a number of record books internationally. His documentary has been aired on Discovery Channel. He is now  an internationally acclaimed social worker known as CYCLE GURU JI.

An Interesting fact:

When Limca Book of Records wanted to honour him for his work in 2014, the certificate had to be mailed to a well-wisher as Kumar has no fixed address.

All India Bicycle Movement:

On 12 of January, CYCLEGURUJI with a vision to spread his message all around the country started his journey from Lucknow on his bicycle. He has visited a number of states in North India to help India’s millions of impoverished children facing bleak futures.

“It is illiteracy that is the mother of all social evils and the reason behind the slow development of the country. I wanted to start an Education revolution to remove illiteracy  from my country”, said  Aditya.

He started with just rupees 500 in his pocket and to survive he work as a labour in any city he visits and sometimes generous people also help him.

Aditya’s Visit to Jammu:

When Aditya told his friends that he is visiting Jammu city, his friends told him that It can prove deadly but he still did. “I got very bad previews regarding visiting this place but now I have come here, I found the place completely opposite. People are very nice here and they have welcomed me with open arms”, Aditya said.

Aditya has just reached the city and he will now pedal around from village to village spreading his message.

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