Administrative and Financial mess, a backlog of NC-Congress regime : PDP

The administrative mess and financial liabilities are a backlog of NC-Congress coalition  which will be over soon through visionary planning, better management and control.

Addressing a day long convention of party delegates at Baramulla PDP General secretary Nizamudin Bhat said that thousands of regular employees, daily rated workers, casual labour and adhoc appointees in various departments are without salaries and wages from months together.  The government is grappling with the crisis created through corruption, callousness and appeasement for pety political ends by the previous regime. He said that government is focused to resolve this crisis at the earliest and put the system back on rails.

PDP  general secretary  said that   of quick relief from immediate problems particularly arising out of recent floods and frequent bad weather are top priority of the present government and every minister is on toes to see that people’s hopes and expectation are desirably met.

Bhat pointed out that chief Ministers visit to various places exhibits his keen intrest to review tourist industry  particularly with an objective  to restore Kashmir’s pristine glory and refurbish the sick economy. He said business and labour community will soon yield dividends of a focused tourism policy  so will unemployment be addressed.

He took satisfaction in the fact that every sector of states economy is being put on rails by the present dispensation through a focused activity. He said the infrastructure building has taken pace with improvement in weather, dilapidated roads and bridges are being  restored quicker than imagined and horticulture , agriculture , rurall development sectors have already taken a positive step forward to the satisfaction of all concerned.

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