After 30 years, National Anthem echoed in Baramulla

Srinagar, October 05: It is after the long period of 30 years, people of Baramula heard the chanting of Jan Gan Man, our national anthem.

Baramulla is a town in the North Kashmir. With the movement of militants seen frequently in every corner of the own, it has always remained the hub of terrorism. The national anthem was sung here after 30 years on the day of martyr of Maqbool Shervani who is known as the saviour of Baramulla.

According to Ravindra Rana, BJP MLA who organized paying tributes to Maqbool Shervani, it took 30 long years to have this happen in Bramulla. While addressing the workers Raina recalled the supreme sacrifice made by Shaheed Maqbool Shervani & his colleagues by calling it the supreme sacrifice that saved Baramulla & Srinagar from Pakistan in 1947.

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