After being taken for ride by PDP, RSS finally hardens stand on J&K

318250-rssAfter getting taken for a ride for almost an year, the RSS has suddenly started to remember all it’s nationalistic ideals, and stands in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This has happened particularly after PDP led by Mehbooba Mufti proved to be a tough nut to crack, and unlike the BJP which jumped into the coalition formation as if there is no tomorrow. The saffron party has been caught on the wrong foot both politically, and strategically by the PDP which has shown to the people of the state that it is ready to sacrifice power for the sake of people, more funds for Kashmir, and also taken into account the antipathy of people towards the Hindu BJP.

Mufti Mohd Sayeed had taken a calculated risk when joined hands with BJP but his daughter Mehbooba, realizing that the party got votes because people of Kashmir had voted against BJP is not ready to risk marginalization for few years in power. The BJP on the other hand has not done it’s homework properly, and it’s leadership, and strategic team will have to work out a way forward which ensures that it can again connect with the masses, particularly voters in Jammu. In the last one year, BJP has proved itself to be a poor judge of people, opponents, and the situation. It has put faith more in political opponents rather than it’s core support base which has lead to the present sorry situation.

It remains to be seen whether the RSS leadership will be able to do the course correction. RSS leader Indresh Kumar, who has spent almost two decades in J&K and his statements gave indications, that the BJP might harden it’s stand. This however is not guarantee that the India’s saffron leadership will not commit more mistakes to appease the Kashmiri leadership.

Though Kumar said: “One should not undermine the sacrifices of the BJP in J&K. Since 1947, the BJP and other affiliated organizations have been working for the integration and development of the state so people of Jammu and Kashmir are very much aware of the policies and programmes of the party”.

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