After BJP MLC demands BAN on Momos, this pic of Jitendra Singh goes VIRAL on Social Media

No, this is not a joke! A BJP legislator in Jammu has called for a ban on popular street food Momos (dumplings) alleging that the dish is more dangerous than alcohol and psychotropic drugs.


Ramesh Arora, member of the Jammu and Kashmir legislative council, believes that Ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate) used in momos’ recipe is harmful to health and can even cause cancer.
“Momos have been found to be the root cause of several life-threatening diseases, including cancer of the intestine,” an English daily quoted him as saying.

Arora believes that Ajinomoto could “convert a minor headache into migraine” in a person.

He also claimed that our teenagers were getting addicted to momos like drugs and it needed to be stopped.

If this was not enough, Arora has also met the state’s health minister Bali Bhagat on the issue.
Another report, circulated by state BJP’s media cell, said, “MLC Advocate Ramesh Arora met with Chief Secretary and Municipal officials. He apprised them about mushroom growth of Momo shops, non-vegeterian stalls and encroachment in Jammu city.”
Interestingly,¬†Jitendra Singh, a minister in the prime minister’s office, was recently spotted gobbling down momos at a function.

Considering the love for Momos among Indians, Arora is likely to face a strong opposition and possibly from his own party.