After calling Govt. job a slavery, here’s Shah Faesal’s advice to KAS aspirants


Kashmiri bureaucrat and IAS Topper of 2010, Dr. Shah Faesal extended his best wishes to KAS aspirants in a message posted on the social media platform today (18th March 2017). He wrote,”My best wishes to candidates who are appearing in KAS/KPS exam tomorrow. Larger existential and philosophical questions apart, and in the given circumstances, government service is still one of the best ways to do great things in life. :)”

The Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) is going to conduct Combined Competitive Examination (Prelims), popularly called KAS exam on 19th March 2017.

The message ‘issued in public interest’ came after a post that apparently damaged the morale of aspiring youth and displeased government servicemen. On 14 March, Dr. Shah wrote, “I have very strong reasons to support youth taking up entrepreneurship, start-ups and self-employment. It gives a man complete freedom. Government service, in turn, is a freedom of stomach only. It is slavery of mind, eyes, tongue, hands and feet,”


Although over 5.5 K people who liked the post and others who expressed their thoughts in support of the statement made by the celebrated IAS officer, suggests that the content of it was relatable and cannot be dismissed as preposterous. Dr. Shah Faesal who came to limelight for topping the prestigious IAS exam continues to be a youth-icon inspiring thousands of lives. The post that was quickly perceived as a ‘çomplaint’ was rather a ‘surmise’ emanating from personal experiences that belongs to the mind of the individual. Any personal thought that comes into existence is bound to invite criticism as well as support. But the question remains, does the individual think to only please the audience? Should the honesty of an individual be completely replaced by the ‘importance’ that the collective mass has issued to him? Is the existence of the man reduced to the designation that he holds, to the fame tagged to him; virtually depriving the individual from his biological life?
We must make way for reason with compassion.

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