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After failing to woo PDP, under fire BJP harks back to core ideology on J&K

bjp pdp copyThe BJP which is under fire in Jammu and Kashmir, and even Haryana for failing to read the popular anger, and also the mind of the people has slowly started going back to it’s original ideology. The party which has lost lot of credibility in J&K for allying with PDP, and signing an Agenda of Alliance which was totally against the ethos of BJP, and it’s so-called nationalistic ideology.

The party has also been caught on the wrong foot in Delhi where the JNU issue has put it in a bind as action against anti-national elements has been haphazard. In Haryana, the Jat agitation has proved the ineptness of BJP government in ruling a small state, and it is also points to the failure of the party leadership to grasp the bigger picture, and pitfalls of inexperience.

However, the sudden shocks suffered by the party are also helping it return the original ideology, and in J&K the party finally seems to have stopped the appeasement of Kashmir centric PDP. Despite maintaining criminal silence over the last one year over issues like AIIMS in Jammu, Tawi lake, tax on Hindu pilgrims-BJP has suddenly started to make the right statements much to the surprise of its voters. BJP leader Ram Madhav recently made it clear that revocation of AFSPA was not possible in the state, a demand which the PDP leadership considers essential for govt formation. Former deputy CM Nirmal Singh on February 18 made it clear that there was no discussion on handing over power projects in the state to J&K government.

Singh who has shown little or no spine in the last one year stoutly said that government formation would be based on the already agreed agenda, and there was no change in conditions. On Monday, the BJP said reiterated albeit quite late that integrating J&K into the nation was far more important than enjoying power in the state.