After Kerala Rape, another student killed with her hands cut off outside college

Jharkhand, May 4: A woman who was studying to become a teacher was found dead right outside her Jharkhand college, her head smashed and her hands severed. Pictures showed one of her amputated hands lying near her body.

The woman, identified as Sonali Murmu, 30, was married with a young child, the police said.

A woman in the Ramgarh district has told the police that she heard cries and rushed to the college gate, where she found the body.

Rumours were heard that she has told the police that she saw a motorcycle leaving the area.

Recently a law student in kerala was raped and murdered and was discovered with her intestines hanging out by her mother in the home. Activists have said the police tried to cover up evidence of the student’s rape to minimize the embarrassment for the state’s Congress government, which is seeking election.

The Kerala girl was a Dalit lady and was 30 years old. Her mother, hospitalized in shock, has told activists that the student had repeatedly complained to the police in Ernakulum about being harassed, but was ignored.

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