After Kolkata disaster, Omar raises concerns about flyovers in J&K

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Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, April 1: Former Chief Minister yesterday said that the accident at the construction site of a flyover in Kolkata is extremely unfortunate. “My sympathies & prayers go out to those injured and to the families of those killed in this tragic accident.”

He said that ordinarily an accident in one part of the country wouldn’t have implications for us here in J&K but in this case forewarned is forearmed.

“There are two flyover projects under implementation in the twin capitals of Jammu & Srinagar cities. While the Jammu project doesn’t really have much traffic passing right under the work site Srinagar is a different story altogether.”


He said that the flyover project in Srinagar allotted by JKERA to a private construction company passes over a major road of the city. “The road has shops on both sides and every day tens of thousands of people pass right beneath the under-construction flyover. An accident similar to the one in Kolkata would have devastating consequences in terms of loss of life and injuries to people.”

“I am sure the contractors building the flyovers in Jammu and Srinagar are taking all precautions. At the same time I would like to appeal to the government headed by Governor Vohra to order a safety audit of both sites, especially Srinagar so that any short comings and gaps can be addressed before any accidents strike,” he said.