After Ladakh, now Jammu asks for separation from Kashmir

Jammu, September 3: After Ladakh raising the demand for separation from Kashmir amid turmoil in the state, the civil society in Jammu has joined the chorus for separate Jammu and integration into India.

Speakers at a seminar conducted by the Jammu for India (JFI) raised concerns over ‘Islamic domination’ and alleged that the Central government continued to hold the view that Kashmir represented the whole of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and Muslims of Kashmir represented all people of the state.

“We unequivocally demand liberation from this Islamic dispensation,” said JFI chairman Hari Om. He added that a separate state of Jammu was the only alternative for nationalists.

“The BJP had won the Ladakh seat over the core issue of union territory status and it is a genuine demand. As far as Jammu is concerned, the Union Finance Minister had, during his two visits to Jammu, emphasised on the BJP cadre underlining development in Jammu,” he said.

Gupta added that decentralisation of power for Jammu was the primary concern and the Government of India should see into it. He further said as far as the political structure was concerned, the NDA did not advocate separate statehood for Jammu.

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