After losing youth support, Geelani takes up the job of a Painter


Humor is a way of life. The more the humor, the lesser the need for separatism!

Srinagar, August 1: Separatist leader and Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on today started painting the walls in Srinagar calling it the united resistance leaderships program that asked people to write slogans on roads, walls, shop shutters etc.

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Afflicted with Anti-India sloganeering, however, Geelani could not think of motivational thoughts to paint about. He resorted to the limited vocabulary of Go India, Go Back! Reports said that Geelani came out of his besieged residence at Hyderpora and started painting walls with anti-India slogans.


The authorities initially took Geelani decision to become a painter as a step towards positive development and allowed him relaxation on his continuous house detention. However, Geelani gave a ‘Chakma‘ (Slip) and started painting sentences on the walls in Hyderpora.

Men belonging to administration then approached Geelani and informed him about the punishment under the Prevention of Defacement of Property Act. Fictionally here, Geelani’s supporters threatened the govt employees of dire action but Geelani stopped his men and asked the officials to arrest him because he was bored of living in his house perpetually. “Going to the jail would atleast be a decent change,” said Geelani.

But when Geelani was informed that the maximum punishment under J&K law for defacement was only 3 months, he changed his mind and demanded that the arrest be for atleast a year otherwise he was not interested.

Notably, the united resistance leadership on July 30 issued a new protest calendar asking people, particularly youths, to express their sentiments by writing slogans on roads, Walls, Shop Shutters etc.

As informed in the beginning, this is a piece of Humor. Kindly desist from getting angry.