After Mehbooba Mufti’s grand snub, BJP must change strategy in J&K or wait for oblivion


Mehbooba Mufti’s reluctance to grab the Chief Minister’s post, and her reported rethink on government formation on one hand, and BJP’s anxiousness to continue with the coalition has once again exposed the lack of strategic depth in a national party.

Earlier in it’s pursuit of power the BJP was forced to drop it’s ideological stand on Article 370, setting up AIIMS in Jammu, ending discrimination, and delimitation in the state, and now after accepting all demands of the PDP the BJP is being made to feel that it is not exactly wanted by the Kashmir based party which is very sensitive about it’s political constituency.

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Also the post Mufti-behaviour of PDP also shows the mature, and clever leadership of Mehbooba Mufti who has made it clear that BJP is not her only option, and power is not something after which she runs.


People in this country, and even in Jammu and Kashmir love politicians who know how to make a drama about not running after power even as they enjoy all the levers in the government. Mehbooba knows that time is on her side, and people of Kashmir are also sympathetic to her cause so she is playing her cards closely.

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In such a situation, the BJP is left with no option but to wait and watch, and accept all the antics of PDP leadership because if the coalition fails at this time it would be a failure of the party’s strategy as expounded by the great Ram Madhav, and his boss Amit Shah, who was recently shown the reality by people of Bihar. BJP by shunning the local cadres, and aspirations of it’s voters in Jammu in search of making larger strategic and political gains in Kashmir, and on Pakistan front has entered into a suicidal pact with the PDP. The party has been caught on the wrong foot now, and if it waits to mend strategy till the next election it might by washed away.

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