After she failed ‘Virginity test’, Man abandoned her; now community will torture her

June, 02:

Failing a virginity test, a 20-year-old from Ahmednagar district was allegedly abandoned by her husband.

The woman who is gearing up to enter the police force was recently married to a 25-year-old man from Nashik.

Both were a nomadic people. The young couple subjected themselves to the tribe’s controversial custom to check whether the bride was virgin or not.

According to the husband, the girl did not bleed after intercourse.

The woman pleaded that she did not bleed because of the intense training she took to prepare for her examination during police training.

Her in-laws allegedly took away all her jewellery, following which the victim and her mother attempted to lodge a police complaint.

However, the woman’s father stepped in and virtually put her under house arrest.

Even more shameful is the caste panchayat has asked woman to go through an another test.

She would be given a metre of cloth to cover herself and forced to run naked with members of the caste tribunal chasing her, throwing balls of hot flour on her body.

The victim has rejected the proposal.

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