After two months of grandstanding Mehbooba mellows, ready to form Govt with BJP for peoples’ sake

Ram Madhav, Mehbooba MuftiAfter failing to get anything from the BJP despite putting pressure, and public grandstanding the PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti seems to have realized that delaying government formation any further could lead to a permanent rupture with the saffron party. Mufti as such on Friday toned down her resentment, and also demands and now wants only an assurance form the centre that welfare of the state would be top priority.

Now what she means by welfare of the state is itself not clear but politicial watchers point out that this is a broad indication of losing the political nerve. The PDP chief said that coalition was not a politicial hand shake but a coalition between people of the state, and union government. She also said that if the people of the state benefitted by political alliance with BJP then she was not averse to take the plunge as her father had also taken the same decision

Although Mehbooba said that promises made to people of Jammu and Kashmir should be delivered only then she would be ready to serve the CM but it is clear that this is more of a lip service to her constituents rather than an actual threat to the BJP. Insiders tell that there is increasing pressure on Mehbooba to workout a deal with the BJP so that coalition government could be formed as none of the party MLAs want a re-election or remain in a defunct mode as Governor rule continues in the state.

It is because of this pressure as well realization in the PDP ranks that BJP can not deliver more than what it gave to the PDP as part of Agenda of Alliance. Despite repeated meetings with BJP, and RSS leaders it is increasingly becoming clear that the saffron leadership was hardening its tone, and also there was increased pressure on not to compromise particularly after the JNU case.

The refusal of BJP to even touch the AFSPA, and no sops to J&K in the budget have further sent a strong messgae from the BJP that there would be not more compromises to form the government.

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