Agencies apprehend insider hand in Pathankot attack

There is a strong suspicion among the Indian intelligence agencies that the Pathankot attack was facilitated by insiders including those on the pay-roll of Pak spy agency ISI. There is suspicion that Kanjith KK, an Air Force official who was arrested on charges of spying is believed to have helped Jaish operators in carrying out the attack. Ranjith was trapped by a girl into the ISI network and was caught while he was sharing sensitive information to a UK based media worker. What has shocked Indian sleuths is the presence of large amount of arms, ammunitions and explosives inside the Pathankot airbase which was used by terrorists.

Officials said that it was impossible to carry so much ammunition by a group of four ultras who had to cross the international border, hijack vehicles, and enter the airbase after climbing high boundary walls. The role of guides who might have helped the ultras during their sojourn in Punjab is also being probed as the security establishment wants to catch each and every mole involved in the attack.

The NIA is also probing the role of a lineman who has bee taken into custody after it was found that three floodlights were turned intentionally upwards in the area from where the terrorists had crossed into the station. Some of the floodlights were also not in working order, and this agencies believe was done to ensure the entry of terrorists inside the airbase. NIA is questioning all those who have been recently arrested for being Pak spies or selling information to ISI agents.