Agenda of Alliance is an agenda of subversion, discrimination: Prof Hari Om to PM Narender Modi

In an open letter to Prime Minister Narender Modi, BJP ideologue Prof Hari Om has called for reassessing the BJP-PDP coalition in the state as the government has not been able to do justice to Jammu region which had voted the saffron party for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir.

Citing several reason, Hari Om has said that shifting of AIIMS to Kashmir was the first decision which brought the agenda of alliance under focus as this decision was biased, and totally smacked of discrimination. He has also alleged that that agend of alliance is an as “an agenda of subversion”. Few have termed it as “a new charter of bondage for Jammu and another rivet in the chain of Jammu slavery”. Others have termed the Agenda of Alliance as “a document designed to break Jammu region into smithereens”. While some others have described the Agenda of Alliance as a “document of political and ideological capitulation of the BJP as well as the RSS” and, at the same time, opined that “inherent in the Agenda is the abandonment of Kashmiri Hindus to forces of jihad” and “inherent in it is the abandonment of Jammu as a citadel of Indian nation”.

Making his strong opposition clear, Hari Om said it mentions the non-existent Chenab Valley and Pir Panjal region as independent entities in Jammu region which is an attempt to break this province. He also alleged that this agenda is based on idea of Great Kashmir put forward by Dixon Plan, and it achieves what the Kashmiri politicians failed since half a century of Congress rule.

Harim Om says: The Agenda of Alliance not only maintains the existing political-constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir, but also effectively says that the State is disputed territory and that its political future is yet to be decided. It recommends a process that seeks to involve Hurriyat leaders and also considers Pakistan as a stakeholder in Jammu & Kashmir.

He says that BJP stand has been “Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India” and “Article 370 under the State enjoys a separate status within the Union must be thrown out lock, stock and barrel and Jammu and Kashmir be brought at par with other States of the Union”.

Calling the agenda of alliance as document which defeats the mandate of Jammu, and Ladakh, Hari Om has called for the intervention of the PM on this issue, and save the people from an attempt to perpetuate Kashmiri discrimination with the help of BJP.

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