AIIMS coordination committee Jammu protests for AIIMS in the region

Chain hunger strike by the AIIMS coordination committee Jammu for their demand of AIIMS in Jammu.

AIIMSThe AIIMS Coordination Committee today protested against the PDP-BJP Coalition Government for not doing anything to end the discrimination against the Jammu region and began their chain hunger strike.

AIIMS chairman, Abhinav Sharma said that the patience of people is already running out fast and it would be an act of utter irresponsibility of the authorities continue to treat the people of Jammu province shabbily.

He added that the state compilation is up in arms against the aspirations of people of Jammu especially in the case of setting up AIIMS in Jammu. He added that AIIMS coordination committee has already gathered the support of several non political organisations for ensuring the establishment of AIIMS and completion of the artificial lake project in Jammu.
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