AIIMS Coordination Committee resumes chain hunger strike

Uncertainty still prevails over the sanctioning of the All India Institute of Medical Science for the Jammu region. The AIIMS coordination committee has therefore decided to resume its hunger strike as no announcement was made in this regard. The Coordination Committee is spearheading the agitation against the alleged shifting of AIIMS to Kashmir from Jammu and has initiated a mass contact program.


As per highly placed sources, a meeting of the AIIMS Coordination Committee would likely be held on July 23 to announce the future programs to intensify the agitation.

One thought on “AIIMS Coordination Committee resumes chain hunger strike

  • July 21, 2015 at 11:42 am

    What Kashmiri Leadership Could not,BJP determined to smash Jammu’s dignity! By:Sr Citizen Journalist,Satish Sharma”BRAL” JAMMU again on toes to fight for their rightful denied dues by the Kashmiri predominated polity,but sordidly,this time they are being supported by socalled once CHAMPION of JAMMU CAUSE-JKBJP.Deadline is over,DyCM,Dr.Nirmal Singh and his two party colleagues who given written undertaking to issue formal state government order to establish AIIMS at Jammu on or before 20th July,torned into pieces,in other words failed to honor their made commitments.Consequently,Jammu people felt let down by their such leaders whom they voted and enabled to enjoy power first but last time in their life.AIIMS Coordination Committe led by JKHC Bar Association forced to resume their agitational agenda to press for that popular demand,which none less than Union Finance Minister,Jaitley in his budgetary address annonced in Parliament.Sordidly,Jammu people has the point of grievances that if something announced in Parliament and leader of ruling party holding status of DyCM could not able to deliver desired results,the FAITH of the masses certainly to be shakened.Though,Jammu known for their nationalism and works always as sole bridge between India and kashmir,unfortunately,being made scapegoat by all regimes in the past and now BJP-PDP coaltion government.As Jammu heralded being apostle of Seculrism and democracy,but intriguedly denied their rightful dues,this time on the issues of AIIMS and Tawi Artificial Lake found humiliated by their own elected representatives.DyCM and his two party colleagues who assured CC AIIMS JKHCBA that Jammu will get their demands honored by the government,after over one month standing on cross roads of Desperation because,BJP of late known for their U-Turns politics in this case too exposed their killing instinct of Betrayals for the sake of power.Briefly speaking,Kashmiri Leaderships undoubtedly pursued their Anti-Jammu policies but reluctant to deny once they made any commitment to maintain political tilt.Whereas,BJP leaders from initial stages gone to the extent of challenging their own central leadership on AIIMS as wel as disputing the technical viability of Tawi Artificial Lake project which though at final stage of completion.Not ending their traunts,BJP begin acting as PDP’s camp office at Jammu,noted endorsing PDP’s CM all arbitrarily decisions of public interests,developments,welfare.Question arises,after BJP latest betrayal,what is next ACTION Programme of the humiliated Jammu masses?What CC AIIMS JKHCBA the civil society united forum will do?Popularly believes,Jammu people are too cool on their FUTURE,especially,new elite class of riches whose business and trade mostly the business of ESTATES forced them to follow anyone who wield power in the state,noted least concerned with any happenings around them.Youth are the real strength of all popular struggles,in this regards,if am not wrong,educated youths mostly struggling for their careers since last few years migrats to other states leaving their old aged parents behind at the mercy of god.Therefore,Jammu’s SOLE ray of HOPES emitted from Jammu Bar Association and Chamber Of Commerce,being assisted by some local social organisations.Moreover,Jammu’s longest struggle on Sh Amar Nath Land Row and abrupt culmination of the movement then again stoling of show by JKBJP’s leadership assisted by RSS,leaving suffering people to face the noose of laws alone,whereas,leaders get the political baptism to emerge as new rulers of the state.To sum up,JKHC Bar Association honesty and their pious mission to restore the eroded Jammu’s honor and dignity need popular support not mischevious backing of political discards who indeed,were the REAL VILLION of Jammu’s misfortune.


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