AIIMS diversion is an injustice to Jammu


Today a Protest was held for geniune demand of AIIMS under the able guidance of  headed by Party president Vipan Nischalof Aam AAdmi Party (Jammu Province) in which all the members of the working committee strongly emphasis for the the diversion of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical sciences) from Jammu to Kashmir which was a grave injustice with the people of Jammu Province.


It is pertinent to mention here that people of Jammu Province always treated as step mother treatment since 1947 whether it was congress Govt. or BJP Govt. in the center.

Further, president of the Party Vipan Nischal appealed to the common masses/people of the Jammu Province kindly join the plate-form of Aam AAdmi Party (Jammu Province)(as Aam Admi Party does not belives in the politics of Violence & always belives in non-violence ) to get back AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical sciences) from Kashmir to Jammu & issues related to Jammu province like permanent settlement of West Pakistani refugge, Employment recuirment policy of state Govt.,Jammu Tawi Lake project, Gandola, international Air-port at Jammu.


Those who are attended the protest are Tejinder singh, Mangat Ram Attri,Rajinder Gupta,Ashok Kerloo, yasher shai, Nadeem Narinder sharma,P.S.khalsa, Advocate.Rohit sharma, Amit Dogra, SubashBhatia,Manjeet singh,Mahesh sharma,Darshan lal Gupta,Ved Parkash Subash Bhatia, & others.

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