AIIMS Doctors assert that 70-80% would regain eyesight but not perfectly

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Srinagar, Jul 15:  According to a Kashmir based website, the team of Doctors form AIIMS deputed by the Centre Govt and sent to the valley for the treatment of victims of stone pelting as a result of the protests after the killing of Hizb commander, Burhan Wani, have affirmed that out of all the patients admitted, many would recover with weaker eyesight than what they earlier had.
The three-member team of Ophthalmologists from Delhi were sent on Wednesday to examine the condition of the patients. The team led by Senior Ophthalmologist, Sudharshan Khokhar, said that the medical condition of the people is bad in Kashmir and that they cannot predict anything about the recovery of complete vision of the injured people.
The doctors appreciated the eye surgeries performed by the local doctors have done a wonderful job. The team believes that about 70-80 percent of these injured persons will recover vision but it will be below normal which is 6/6. The senior Ophthalmologist added that normally 6/6 vision is not possible in case an eye has suffered injury. Further he said that one percent of the patients have double proliferation who will have a poor vision ahead. He said that 10-15 percent of the patients will be able to regain the normal vision which is 6/6.
The AIIMS based eye specialist said that the injured will be called for follow-ups after their eye globe becomes strong enough to undergo second or third surgery. The patients would be called subsequently after a week a month or four weeks and the doctors would decide the next step. They would assess for re-surgeries when the globe becomes strong enough to sustain more surgeries. He affirmed that after removing cataract certain patients will regain the vision.
Sudharshan said that there was no urgency to refer the patients to AIIMS mentioning that the local doctors did their job wonderfully and have adopted the precautionary measures for the patients.
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