AIIMS for Jammu



By Citizen Journalist: Prashant Gupta

The demand for establishing All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for Jammu region is growing louder day by day as the political parties and various social organisations have joined their hands for the cause. The coordination committee has been formed by these organisations which has been highlighting the issue of AIIMS diversion to Kashmir and other issues concerning the region.

The prestigious institute AIIMS was a long timed demand of Jammu region and the Union Minister for Finance had announced AIIMS for Jammu and Kashmir. The chief minister has announced that as per the agenda of alliance IIT and an IIM will be given to Jammu and AIIMS will be given to Kashmir where as the Jammu based BJP leaders are announcing that AIIMS will be given to Jammu which creates a sense of doubt among the people. Recently Jammu region observed complete bandh demanding AIIMS for Jammu for the second time in less than a month.  Now the people of Jammu are seeing towards the BJP and also the central government, with a hope that another AIIMS will be sanctioned for Jammu.


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