Police blocks Tawi bridge; ACC warns to carry out the strike more vehemently


Jammu and Kashmir news

Amid the ongoing AIIMS row and AIIMS coordination committee’s protest for the rights of Jammu, a meeting had been called at the sight of hunger strike by the Committee. The committee has refused to call off the three day strike as there is no written assurance on this matter. The Committee said that the BJP is just playing with words as they have only mentioned AIIMS like facilities and not AIIMS itself for Jammu and Kashmir.

Abhinav Sharma said that BJP is just spreading rumors and the Bandh call has not been called off. “Since BJP is sabotaging the whole issue, the 72 hour strike will rather be continued more vehemently. It is advised to people to not come out of their homes to avoid any emergency. We also appeal to the people of Jammu to come together for this cause, like people do in Kashmir, ” he added.

To disrupt, the Police has been ordered to block all the passages that head towards the Tawi bridge.