AIIMS Jammu to be announced in a short span of time

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While addressing a Press Conference today, Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh said that BJP and Jammu government will always  be working in State’s interest. He added, “Our agenda of alliance was meant to put an end to the differences rising out of communalism and regionalism. We are putting efforts to terminate the discrimination that Jammu has been facing from years and terrorism that is plaguing Kashmir.Jammu too needs to be in the mainstream politics like other states and that is what we tried to focus on in our agenda of alliance.”

Recently, many other issues have also originated and the BJP PDP partnership is readily trying to curb all the matters that are holding the state back from development and empowerment. Out of many such issues, AIIMS has been a topic of rage and the people of Jammu have many expectations from the Bharatiya Janata Party.

In 2004, when Sushma Swaraj was the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, AIIMS was granted to Jammu but instead Jammu got a Super Specialty Hospital and that too didn’t meet the expectations of Jammu people. He assured the people of Jammu for AIIMS saying, that Jammu will get AIIMS and it is certain.

“Jammu has supported us massively during the elections and now it is our commitment to the people of Jammu. People showed their concern and we accept that. AIIMS issue has people’s sentiments attached to it and the party understands that. Centre has already assured us AIIMS, however, the procedure is yet to be revealed, ” he said, adding that the development package for the region has also been decided after numerous meetings and discussions. “The party is just hoping that the AIIMS announcement will be made as soon as possible. I appeal to the people of Jammu that AIIMS issue is our issue as well,” he assured saying that Jammu is catering to tourists from all over India at this time so let’s not hinder them with continuous protests. He said that he has also appealed to the AIIMS coordination committee to wait for a few days and halt their protest. The decision is big and is likely to take some time before the Centre decides to announce it.  The Centre will take a call on the matter soon and AIIMS will be granted to Jammu in a brief span of time.


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5 thoughts on “AIIMS Jammu to be announced in a short span of time

  • July 21, 2015 at 9:44 am

    trying to fool people of jammu once again….Instead he shud resign now and immediately…AIIMS COORDINATION COMMITTEE dont come in their false promises and agitate severly and aggressively….i had juss wasted my precious vote this time by giving it to bjp

  • July 21, 2015 at 10:00 am

    “Acche din” indeed have come, but sadly only for the BJP goons… Not the common people !
    #shame #puppets

  • July 21, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Kya howa tere Sarkar ka
    Bola tha aayen gi achey din
    Ab to raton ke need be nehi aaye
    Aaye dokebaaz sarkaar
    Charon taraf hai hahakar
    kehin hai sehlab
    kehin hai tapish
    Bakwass hai Modi sarkaar


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