AIIMS may discover oral Hapatitis B vaccine by 2021

New Delhi, June 7 :  The All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Tuesday said it has developed nanoparticles loaded with antigen protein segment which could lead to the first oral Hepatitis B vaccine in the world if positive results were obtained during human trials.

According to the premier institution, if the technology becomes a reality then the oral vaccine could become a reality by 2021, doing away with the injections and booster doses, which are currently required after every Hepatitis vaccine.

He said the current practice of immunisation against Hepatitis B are injectable vaccines and require two boosters, first after one month and the second after six months.

Post-research, Dinda said: “To create these nanoparticles, scientists have used polymer material with a detergent-like substance and then loaded them with antigen protein segments and then transported them inside the body of the mouse.”

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