AIIMS row intensifies- Congress members block roads and burn effigies


Jammu and Kashmir News

With the state government taking a U-turn on its promises, the AIIMS row has intensified in Jammu. Congress leaders protested against the State BJP leaders at Dogra Chowk today. Roads were blocked, effigies burnt in the agitation against the government. Congress minister Sham Lal Sharma said that the Coordination Committee, Bar Association, Chamber of Commerce and all other elite business and social organisations are fighting for this cause. “We all are unitedly fighting for the rights of Jammu. It was initiated by Congress and we will carry it forward to every corner of Jammu. We will obey the role of an opposition party and would not let Jammu suffer anymore,” he added.

The procession is against the ministers who betrayed the general public disregarding how they came to power only because of their precious votes, he said. “These ministers have committed a sin by betraying the civil society. Dogras are known for their dignity and integrity but these ministers have disrespected that also. I would like to ask Nirmal Singh, Bali Bhagat, Kavinder Gupta and all the state ministers, if they are not guilty of turning down the public like this. The civil society should also support the cause and fight against the leaders who are just fooling the public,” he added.


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