AIIMS struggle is a fight between people and BJP


By senior CJ Satish Kumar Bral

The ongoing popular movement in Jammu since about the past three months, being led by ACC JKHCBA, has assumed a new political dimension after Dy CM,Nirmal Singh gave written undertaking to open AIIMS at Jammu. But now the central leadership as well as BJP Union Health Ministry, after meeting the J&K party men, has offered “Similar Facilities like AIIMS” for Jammu and Kashmir regions.

Briefly speaking, the popular trust on the elected representatives is now shattered by the DOUBLE standards that the party has been displaying since the first day of government formation. The recently released orders after the meeting have provoked and hurt Jammu people, who never imagined that their their elected representatives will act in such arrogance and betray their trust for the sake of power.


Consequently, Jammu has been forced to observe 72 hour Bandh that is being supported by all civil society members and political parties except BJP and their new mentor PDP. Its most regretted on the part of J&K BJP that they, instead of showing their HELPLESSNESS to get AIIMS for Jammu from their central leadership, are indulging in conventional politics of counter accusations and dirty political tricks to disrepute ACC and all the associated members.
Ultimately, J&K BJP is being tamed by their own handful of anti-Jammu leaders who, of late, control state party literally and are devicing new methods to TARGET, ACC and JK HCBA. As believed, some ministers and legislators may be fully supporting Jammu people in their struggle for AIIMS but they are in a weak position to counter their internal political rivalries and Jammu people are being made victim of J&K BJP’s internal bickering.
At last, what political observers have felt that Jammu masses’ popular movement is fastly becoming a FIGHT between PEOPLE and JK BJP and in the end its always the PEOPLE who emerge as the WINNER with some more or less share of sacrifices.
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