Ailing condition of Government schools


By Citizen Journalist Nikhil Dutta

Pictures by Sandeep

A walk into a Government Girls Middle School, Gujjar Nagar, Jammu school can reveal a lot about the present situation of the infrastructure they employ in which they aim to nurture the minds of tomorrow. The school buildings are excruciating with needs to repair their flaking walls and leaking roofs. Where the private schools are getting better at the infrastructure of air conditioned rooms and e-learning facilities, government schools or the schools for not blessed masses are lagging far behind in the basic facilities they provide to the students, let alone advanced schemes for improving the level of education among them. Some schools do not even possess proper sanitary arrangements for both students and teachers to answer their natural calls. While some schools see leaking roofs in rainy seasons, other do not have proper seating arrangements for the students and they resort to sitting on cold floor in winters. Government should invest in education and bring up the level so that our young generation would have a better environment to study in.




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