“Airtel” con call: Man loses Rs. 85,000

Srinagar, August 28: A man in Bemina lost 85,000 rupees after being mislead through a con call he received some people posing as the employees of Airtel network. The man is identified as Irshad Mushtaq Bhat of Gulshan Abad in Bemina, who was in need of money to get his ailing daughter treated.As per reports in Kashmir Life, the man complained that received a call from the number 121 on his Airtel phone number.

The man on the other side introduced himself as Airtel employees and informed that Irshad he had won a ‘bumper prize’ of 25 Lakh rupees by Airtel. Irshad said that he was also made to talk with Amitabh Bachchan who congratulated him on phone.

Irshan easily fell into the trap because he was in desperate need to 4 lakh rupees to provide treatment to his ailing daughter.

The alleged Airtel employee told him that in order to collect the cash prize of 25 lakh, he first have to deposit an amount of 1 lakh 35 thousand rupees as tax in Airtel office near Highland Motors at Sonwar. Irshad went there and handed a sum of 85 thousand rupees to man named Prithvi Raj. As per Irshad, the man was in proper dress wearing suit, tie and carried an ID card of Airtel as well.

The man also told Irshad to deposit the remnant Rs 50,000 in a Punjab National Bank account of one M Rajini from Delhi and gave him some documents to submit them to the officials at his own bank. Following the meeting, Irshad rushed to the J&K bank branch at Bemina where he was shocked to know that the bank had no liaison with anybody involved with those documents.

Irshad has filed an FIR in the Crime Branch of J&K police but police has not been able to trace out perpetrators since all the transactions have taken place on the internet.

Image Courtesy: Kashmir Life


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