Akhnoor Murder Case, Family alleges biased investigation by police


Jammu — In a startling case of a murder that happened last year, the wife of the deceased has alleged the investigating police team on charges of corruption and demanded a CBI enquiry into the case. Sikander Singh R/o Jourian was found dead on 28 Oct 2016 by the police team in Chak Malal. He had been missing from the night of 26 Oct 2016.

In a press conference, the wife of the deceased Rajni Devi informed that one night she had received repeated phone calls from an unidentified lady who asked for her husband, Sikander Singh. She told that neither her husband  nor did the woman on phone, answered her when she enquired about the matter. According to her, Sikander left for the shop (where he worked) in the morning of 26 Oct but did not return later.

The family of the deceased has alleged that the police was favouring the accused persons namely, Harbans Lal and his son Dimple.They allege that the police took bribe in return for tampering the evidence and mislead the investigation. They family said that they had gone to police station to register a complaint but were told to come next day. Next day on 27 Oct, they went to the police station to make FIR under Sec. 174 RPC but the police didn’t budge. This gave time to the accused and alerted him beforehand upon which he murdered the kidnapped person (Sikander Singh). Also the family has accused the police to tamper with the post mortem reports to mislead the case.

The victim’s family has alleged that the accused have close relations with ex-Deputy CM Tara Chand and the police is deliberately making attempts to mislead the case.

It is pertinent to note that the phone records of the deceased revealed that the last call was made to a girl named Preeti, who is the daughter of the accused Harbans lal R/o Chak Malal. The family accused that the investigating officer Constable Kuldeep Raj Police Station Jourian, Akhnoor who was entrusted to carry out fair investigation was slow, biased and couldn’t be trusted upon.



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