Akhnoor sex scandal getting murkier

Image Courtesy: Jagran news

Jammu, December 19: If sources are to be believed, there are a lobby of influential people involved in the infamous Akhnoor Sex Scandal whom police is not even trying to arrest.

In a Jagran Report, the police have made several claims and statements that they have raided several places to nab the accused persons who have been absconding after the victim girl named them in the court. Despite they are reportedly being avoided by the police because of the fact that they are some influential names of the town.

The sources said that the Police is trying to hush-up the case since one of the accused persons has significant political connections while another is a powerful businessman belonging to Akhnoor. Both have gone underground and are exerting pressure on the police to get their names deleted from the scandal.

However, victim’s family has filed a plea in Jammu Kashmir High Court which is likely to be heard on Monday. Sources have said that it is being suspected that SSP, Jammu can ask for the status report of police investigation into the case during the hearing.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family has demanded her custody in the plea filed.

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