Akhtar condemns latest incidents of violence


Expressing dismay over the latest incidents of violence in Kashmir, Minister for Education, Mr Naeem Akhtar, who is also the State Government spokesman, today said that such acts are aimed at subverting J&K’s political and economic stability.

The violent incidents at Tangdhar along LoC, Yaripora in district Kulgam and Sopore in district Baramulla are a grim reminder that the elements inimical to peace, are out to undermine the efforts of the democratic forces in J&K which are aimed at bringing political stability and economic prosperity to the State.

Akhtar said as the State and its people are struggling hard to cope-up with the distressing economic situation complicated by the devastating floods of September 2014, the forces inimical to peace are aiming at destabilizing the situation once again to push Kashmir into perpetual suffering. “Violence has neither served any purpose in the past, nor is it going to serve any purpose in future,” he said and added that if anything, the violence has only brought miseries to the State and its people by adding to the numbers of the orphans, widows and destitute.

Akhtar said by attacking a telecom franchisee at Sopore and killing an innocent employee there, the perpetrators of violence have made their intentions clear that they don’t want people to earn their bread and butter. “Such senseless and dastardly acts of violence have already impeded the progress of the State to a considerable extent and the persistence of the menace is not going to do any good to the people,” he said and that all the right thinking people should rise against such anarchism.


Expressing condolences with the bereaved families, Akhtar said; “I share the sorrow and pain of those who have lost their loved ones in these reprehensible acts of violence”.

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