Akshay Kumar donates Rs 1 crore for Odisha cyclone victims


Odisha: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar donated Rs 1 crore to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for the Odisha cyclone victims.

He has consistently proved that he doesn’t restrict his big-heartedness to just the heroes he plays on the big screen. In real life too, he has always been always ready to do his bit.

Akshay Kumar is pouring his help in every possible way in this time of crisis.

His contribution is not limited to Odisha victims only. Earlier he has made his contribution to the Kerala Floods or Chennai floods also.

Akshay is also contributing for our armed forces by Bharat ke Veer initiative.

Earlier, Akshay had vowed to donate ₹5 crore through Bharat Ke Veer — a fund-raising initiative of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. He had also extended a helping hand to the rain ravaged Chennai in 2015 by donating Rs 1 crore for relief work.

These are the efforts which everyone should acquire and stand through it.

Lessons can be learned from these little contributions that can put a smile on someones face.

The act should not be considered as just giving money, its should be considered as showing care towards each other in their happiness or in sorrow.

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