Al-Qaeda operative believed to have come to India to train Rohingyas arrested


An Bangladeshi-British al-Qaeda operative who came to India to train Rohingya Muslims was arrested last evening in Shakarpur, Delhi Police said today.

Trained to use arms and a proficient hacker, Subhan Haq has already radicalised several Rohingyas in Bangladesh during his four-year stint with the terrorist group.

Earlier today, the Narendra Modi  government told the Supreme Court that many Rohingya refugees have links with terror organisations and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Refugees from the community present a major security threat, the Centre said in a 16-page affidavit.

 The government said it feared the possibility of an eruption of violence against Buddhists living in India.

Counter terrorism experts recently told American legislators that al-Qaeda was becoming more active in the Indian subcontinent specifically, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.


The terrorist group said in June that it would target Indian Hindu “separatist” organisations involved in the destruction of mosques and Muslims’ property and the killing or forced conversion of Muslims.

It also pledged to target the “leadership” of India’s military, police and “secret agencies,” and specifically, “those officers of the Indian military who have the blood of our kashmiri brothers on their hands.”

Al-Qaeda said the Indian state was its “top priority, after American and Israeli targets,” but added that it’s objective wasn’t to attack “common” Hindus, Buddhists or people of other faiths.

It recently appointed former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zakir Musa as its Kashmir chief.