ALARMING ! Pesticide level in Cold drinks too high can cause Cancer, Details here

New study indicates pesticides 24 times higher than Bureau of Indian Standards norms

“The levels in some samples exceeded the BIS standards by 140 times for the deadly pesticide Lindane, a confirmed carcinogen” “Heptachlor, banned in India, was found in 71 per cent of the samples, at levels four times higher than BIS standards” “

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)  came out with a new report on the levels of pesticides in soft drinks available in the market.

The report indicated the presence of an average of three to five different pesticides in all the samples, 24 times higher than the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) norms, which have been finalised but not yet notified.

The latest CSE study is based on tests conducted on 57 samples of 11 soft drink brands from 25 different manufacturing plants of Coca-Cola and Pepsico, spread over 12 States.

The levels in some samples for instance, Coca-Cola bought in Kolkata exceeded the BIS standards by 140 times for the deadly pesticide Lindane, a confirmed carcinogen.

Similarly, a Coca-Cola sample manufactured in Thane contained 200 times more of the neurotoxin, Chlorpyrifos, than the BIS standard, said Sunita Narain of CSE releasing the report here.


1     Thums up       7.2%

2     Coke               9.4%

3     7 up                 12.5%

4     Mirinda          20.7%

5     Pepsi               10.9%

6     Fanta              29.1%

If the Range exceeds 2.1%, then its very dangerous to the Human Liver. Results in Cancer!

Three years after the centre released its first findings on pesticide residue in soft drinks, the new study shows that nothing much has changed and soft drinks remain unsafe and unhealthy. Even the directions given by the Joint Parliamentary Committee have been disregarded: standards for safety have been finalised but blocked because of opposition by the companies, Ms. Narain alleged.

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