“Alcohol, Smoke and Prostitution common in GDC girls hostel, Srinagar.” Housekeeper

Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR, Mar 14: 60 Female students of Government Dental College (GDC), Srinagar have lodged a complaint to the higher authority against the hostel housekeeper who has passed lewd and obscene marks against them.

The ‘distressed’ and ‘depressed’ students have asked the committee members to take strict action against the hostel house keeper namely Tariq Ahmad. They have also approached State Commission for Women in this regard.

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The complaint lodged by female students reads that, the housekeeper remarked, ‘All the residents of girls hostel are prostitutes and the hostel itself is a prostitution centre. Girls call boys at night in the hostel and then dump condoms in the flush due to which drainage system gets blocked every day. He has instructed security guards to spy on girls who go to casualty to attend their night duty because according to him the girls don’t go to casualty but go to meet their boyfriends.’

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The complaint further reads: “Girls consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes in the hostel. The girls are having multiple affairs. He (hostel housekeeper) keeps keys of rooms with him and when girls come to college he sends security guards to check their rooms in their absence.” The complaint has been signed by 61 female students.

The female students through the complaint have alleged that the hostel housekeeper threatens them that he will fail them by telling their respective Head of Department if they tried to raise their voice against him. They have said that even the House Surgeons and interns are told by the hostel housekeeper that he will not issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) and also charge them with heavy fine in case they raise their voice.

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“The college authorities have constituted an enquiry committee consisting of Dr. Shabir Ahmad Shah, Dr. Suhail Latoo and a female medico of the college. The female doctor is the junior most among the female faculty members and above all she is also the warden of the college hostel with Dr. Shah being the chief warden. All these doctors are favourites of Principal GDC Srinagar, Dr. Riyaz Farooq and they have been appointed to give clean chit to the hostel housekeeper who is also said to be close to the Principal of the college,” said sources.

News Source – Early Times


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