All men are NOT rapists! These facts will change your outlook on men for sure

Pic from gleeclub

By Rishav


With an immense outrage and demonization of men being ‘only’ Rapists, this generalization is not only spreading a rather degenerated image of an Indian Man, but also is wildly unfair to the millions of those who have much merit to show than just being termed as a ‘rapist’.

Recently, due to this epidemic advert of branding Indian men as rapists, a deserving student has been denied admission by German Professor who cited ‘The Rape problem of India‘ her reason to decline internship to the student.

We are NOT defending the ones who commit this heinous crime and they rightly deserve the most stringent of the punishments. However, let us stop a while and think logically before labeling all Indian men as ‘Rapists’. Here are a few reasons that show why all Indian men are NOT rapists.

India DOES NOT have the highest number of rapes: The media may have us believing that India is the country where rapes have the largest frequency but to put it to rest for once and all, India does not even come in top three countries with highest number of rapes reported and that too if only sheer numbers are compared. If rapes per capita is considered, according Nation Master survey, Per-capita-rapes in India does not even qualify in top 50 countries of the world. So, think again before you think there’s a ‘Rape Problem’ in India.

Men are somebody’s Brothers: Yes! Your brother, who always has a protective shield around you and not because of his gender, but because of his love for you. He comes to pick you up in the late evenings from your tuition centre to escort you to your home safely, even in the busiest of times. He never complains about it.

Checking out does NOT equal Raping: Okay, given to the biology of men, they do steal a glance or may even stare a little longer at an attractive person of the opposite sex. But who said that looking at  a beautiful girl is equal to raping her? Well, it’s not!

Patriarchy is NOT Rape culture: Some feminists might argue the patriarchal mind set, after all, is responsible for increasing number of rapes in India. Well, think again. Patriarchy has men taking CARE of their women, treating them like a queen, whether they need it or not. It does not mean women are weaker than men or anything; it just shows the protective and territorial nature in men for their family and loved ones which is completely natural. The ones who hold patriarchy responsible need to understand it better.

Rapists may be psychologically unfit: Among various reasons that contribute to a rape, sadism and psychopathy are also prominent which are not healthy states of mind, for a fact. Now, these psychological disorders are rare and not found in every man you know.

Al though rape is a serious problem and this post does NOT support or defend it. It is important that you do consider all these facts before you go out on a misandrist revolution claiming all men to be RAPISTS.

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