All Men are Perverts! Can Pseudo-Feminists stop their drama?


Calling every man a molester or rapist is totally wrong!

Dear pseudo-feminists, not every man is a pervert or rapist or a bad person just because he’s a man.

If you slap a boy, it’s your right because you are a girl, if he does the same he doesn’t respect women? If in a funny manner you spank your male-friend, it’s okay? If he does, then he is molesting you? You want a man to stand up in buses, local trains, or metro, to give you a seat. But if an old citizen comes you don’t think the same way, you are glued to the seat! You want men to say sorry and respect you each and every time, but you don’t want to do the same way?

They are creep for you if they talk about girl’s curves and all, but not you if you comment on their abs, height, or salary! If he is talking nicely, doesn’t always mean he’s flirting, he is just being a nice person. If they ask you out on a date, politely reject him if you don’t want, but don’t start this “apni aukaat dekhi hai?” argument. Because who knows if he really shows you his “haisiyat”? So be polite.

If he watches porn, it doesn’t mean he’s a pervert, it’s a person’s own choice. And also, there are many women who watch porn. But yes, hypocrisy says, “that’s women empowerment!” So stop taking all the opportunities in the name of being a woman!

Because, you will say these kinds of things to strangers, or other boys, but you will never have the guts to say that to your own Father or Brother! We have an ‘empowered’ woman who claims to be feminist but the moment her father got accused in the ‘Me too’ campaign, which she was supporting, turned up to support her father. Hypocrisy?

Here, do not generalize this about all the women. Generalizations lead to misunderstandings and distortion of facts. There are women who are ‘true feminists’ and believe in equality.

Of course, the perverts, molesters, rapists, are not innocent! They are not! They should be punished stringently. But blaming the whole male community is totally wrong.

If ‘some’ men are perpetrators, ‘some’ men are saviours too. If you are ‘strong’ enough to claim your rights, be ‘strong’ enough to do your duties as well. If you want to be treated as an ‘equal’, treat men and everyone else equally! Stop crying victim even when you are not!

Dear pseudo-feminists, you need to change your thinking!

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