All you need to know about Dawood Sheikh who was killed in Kulgam

Kulgam, March 7:Thousands were a part of Furkan alias Dawood Sheikh’s funeral after the security forces killed Hizb’s top militant in a gunfight at Kulgam’s Buchroo village.

Slogans were raised and people expressed their views about the reasons why a young boy who aspired to become an engineer until 2013 chose to become a top militant.


Dawood Sheikh is survived by his three brothers and mother.

As per police, Qaimo’s Dawood, 21, was one among the top listed stone-pelters of his area. He was in Class 11 when his name was registered in police record. His friends said that whenever there was any incident of stone pelting, Dawood would be called to the local police post”.

In the summer of 2014 when one of Dawood’s relatives was detained by police for the purpose of investigation, Dawood surprised everyone by killing an army officer just an hour later.


It is being said that Dawood was the member of the famous Burhan Wani group and had been seen in many videos. In one of the videos, he was noticed offering Nimaz and in another, he posed holding AK-47 with other two militants.

His brother said that Dawood was an intelligent and tech-savvy guy who had opted for non-medical in high school and aspired to become an engineer. He had a craze for driving and was famous for charity purposes



The transformation happened because he realised that he was being trapped in a crafted situation.

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