All You Need to Know about India’s Longest Bridge

  • The Dhola-Sadiya bridge is being built over the Lohit river, a tributary of the Brahmaputra.


  • In Assam, the bridge is located in Sadia, 540 kilometres from the state capital of Guwahati. Its other end is in Dhola, 300 kilometres from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal.



  • It about 9.2 km in length – that’s nearly 30 per cent longer that the famous Bandra-Worli Sealink in Mumbai.


  • Once opened, the bridge will reduce travel time between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by up to four hours. There is no operational airport in Arunachal.



  • The strategic importance of the bridge for the military is huge. With the bridge, troops will be able to enter Arunachal Pradesh, which borders China, much more quickly and easily.


  • The bridge has been designed to withstand the weight of 60-tonne battle tanks.


  • There is no existing bridge in the region that is strong enough to allow the travel of tanks to Tinsukia, from where troops usually enter Arunachal.


  • Construction began in 2011, when the Congress governed Assam. The cost of the project is about Rs. 950 crore.



  • So far, there is little road connectivity between Assam and Arunachal – a strategy aimed at making it difficult for military incursion from China. Currently, the only route for people looking to travel from this part of Assam to Arunachal is by boat.


  • Construction of this bridge was included in Rs. 15,000 crore-package sanctioned by the centre in 2015 to improve road connectivity in the border state.


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