All you need to know about the Jambu Zoo, another tourist attraction coming up in Jammu


To boost tourism with a special focus on student community  to carry on their research the  government  of  Jammu and Kashmir has given  people of Jammu and Kashmir a getaway destination in the form of “Jambu zoo “. Named after the “Raja jambu “ it will be a state of the art infrastructure in the city of Jammu. On 10-09-2016 Ch.Lal Singh , Honourable minister of forest ,environment and Ecology  along with MOS  JB. Zahoor ahmed mir laid the foundation stone at Khanpur,Nagrota ,Jammu . This project will cost about Rs.120 cr .


The  JAMBU ZOO  will be established  on  modern  guidelines by central zoo  authority of India , some of the  silent features of  the zoo  are :

  1. The zoo will be established in a 5000 kanals, which will have all the facilities for tourist such as tourist info centre, large parking facilities , cafeterias , restrooms at regular distance
  2. One of the most interesting feature is the people will see the animals in moats and in their natural habitat not in cages.
  3. The provision of zoo safari will also be there, where visitors will be taken through battery operated cars to have a full tour of the Zoo.
  4. There will be Variety of animal will be there  sambar dear ,spotted deer, Blue bull, black buck,barkingdeer,hog deer,goat,Fishing cat ,bear  sloth, wild Boar, crocodile.
  5. A reptile house to display wild variety of snakes, Lizards etc.
  6. A nocturnal animal house.
  7. A butterfly park for conservation of butterfly species.
  8. Children play area which is equipped with fun rides.
  9. There will be Education centre which will be equipped with wildlife books & Journals.

Jambu zoo


Some other features

  1. Children play area
  2. Aquatic Aviary
  3. Benches at very short distances from each other for visitors.
  4. Tree shelter, which can take you a one step closer to nature.
  5. Sculptures in the garden , which represent the spirit of the zoo
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