Alleged Rehari Accident caught on CCTV camera


Thanks for sending us the video

Jammu, April 8: The idea behind posting this video is more to spread a social message than simply showing how the woman riding a two wheeler late in the night in the Rehari Area rams into the shutter of a shop. No one sees and she along with her husband and child leave the spot. The event was caught on CCTV camera.

At first instance, the learner is riding the two-wheeler without a helmet, the first safety gear. In the video, she has simply rammed into the shutter of a shop which broke the pace before it went completely out of hand.  Had it been a slip of the two wheeler, she could have easily lost her life. Most times, when people riding two-wheelers lose their lives, they are not wearing protective gear. Sometimes they are not even driving rashly.


Second, there was no-one who should have been assisting her with the two-wheeler ride. The chosen area is not a learning area and as such not the best place to learn driving.

Would it not be safer to simply take out time to go till an open learner’s ground and if someone with a valid driving license is not available to teach during the day, professional help can be hired easily. For saving a small amount, one can lose their life.

U4UVoice appeals its readers to please use safety gear at all times.

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